Badger's Commissions

Commission Prices!

Please make yourself familiar with my Terms of Service before commissioning me! Information on placing a commission order can be found there as well.

Prices are subject to complexity and other details. Consider each price listed an approximate quote. Prices are in USD and payable by PayPal, Stripe, or Ko-fi.

Toned digital sketch of Wulvie drawing next to an iced coffee. Text reads 'Kofi Sketches'.

Every donor to my Ko-fi will get a sketch as thank you if you message me you donated! $6-9 for simple busts and $12+ gets fullbody sketches!

A simple symmetrical drawing of Wulvie's head.

Simple icons: $15 for individuals, discounts as low as $4/each for bulk rates. Looks great in a gallery, just look at mine!

A drawing of Wulvie from the shoulders up, they're holding an iced coffee.

Avatars/Icons/PFPs: $45, sketch/lines only: $30

A portrait drawing of Wulvie, they are texting.

Waist-up/Bust Portraits: $55, sketch/lines only: $40

A chibi drawing of Wulvie in the Deep Dark Ancient City in Minecraft.

Chibi: $35, sketch/lines only $25
Please note, the example has a background and props which are extra.

Fullbody drawing of Wulvie playing the accordion.

Fullbody lineless: $75, Lined+color: $70, Sketch/Lines: $50

A digital collage of several drawings of Wulvie arranged to look like doodles in a sketchbook.

Sketchpages: start at $50, done pay-what-you-want style.

A reference drawing of Wulvie. It shows their front and back and face markings as well as a drawing of them dressed in a flame t shirt and crocks.

Ref Sheets: priced by component:
Fullbodies $70/each, Busts $40/each, Chibis $35/each, Items/close-ups $5/each, Text/color palettes free.

All other commission requests are open as well (traditional art, crafts, stickers, graphic design, comics, and more), just message me for a quote. Backgrounds and props on commissions will include extra charges.