Badger's Gallery

Recent-ish Art

If I'm being honest, updating a website is a headache. I'll try and periodically come back and update these with whatever I've been working on lately. Image descriptions in the alt text for accessibility.

Digital drawing of a fantasy character with dark skin, green hair, and blue horns. They are clutching their face and sticking out a red forked tongue.

Piece done for Art Fight 2022.

Digital toned sketch drawing of a maternal-looking bear relaxing with a cup of coffee.


Marker and pencil sketch of a pink goblin-like character in an orange hat.


6 digital bust drawings of the following characters: Rouge the bat, Kirby, Cerise Hood, GoodtimeswithScar, Renarin Kholin, and Garfield dressed like Hatsune Miku.

Done for the #SixFanartsChallenge on twitter. Prompts taken from followers.

A collage of various papers. Blue and white color scheme, with the following notable text: Are you going to heaven? Get busy living or get busy dying.

Collage made from found materials, including a religious track given to me by a family member.

A black ink stamp and it's rubber negative. The stamp is of a possum-like goblin shouting 'DEATH!' with its arms raised.

Linocut stamp made for #GoblinWeek2022.