May 3rd, 2023 Blog Post


Minecraft 1.20 Thoughts

I know, I know, everyone is DYING to know how I, Donnie "minceraft" MoveImBadger, feels about the impending Minecraft update. Wait no longer, for here is where you will find my complete thoughts and opinions on all the announced content and changes as we lead into what will likely soon be the pre-release and full release cycle soon.

Block Additions

I am SO READY for bamboo blocks. It's a little cracked and OP, as the kids say, in the sense that I can very quickly craft insane amounts of building blocks but I think that's the funnest part of this addition for me. I don't even care that it's not like, better fuel or anything fun but I just have chests and chests and chests of bamboo on every server I end up on and having something to do with them is going to go soooooo far when you need just random structural blocks. I love the variation between mosaic and plank blocks. And I love that it has all the bits and pieces that other wooden things have. Cherry wood kind of the same deal, they look amazing and PINK PINK PINK im so excited pink is like one of my favorite colors to make builds with and yet there's so few pink blocks. Stripped cherry logs my beloved. Calibrated sculk sensors are very cool but I am very dumb about redstone and won't know what to do with them or use them for anything other than strange decor. Chiseled bookshelves are also cool for decor (again, I don't really care about using them in redstone). I might use books more often. I think the pots are neat and will add a lot to builds. Hanging signs I've already been using as an experimental feature, they're awesome if a bit pricey (fine. fair.) The new plants are cool, but I think it's dumb they're kinda useless. They better whip out something cool and fun soon before the pre-releases IMO. This is going to turn into like a fletching table situation I fear. Unfortunately for every other person's opinions, I am a huge simp for Mojang and I think it's fine if they take time to make more features. I do still think they should have something interesting with the flowers and plants. Sus Gravel and Sus Sand are cool additions, though I think they should be functional if placed in creative though, potentially? I feel like creative builds that are to be interacted with in survival should be functional.

Item Additions

Relic music disc sounds great, all the new music is great. I think the brush is pretty cool though in general I think there needs to be something that teaches you how to use the brush in-game. Does it appear in loot chests for ruins or something? Is a villager going to trade it to you? Sherds are cool, glad they changed the name to the accurate title haha. Smithing templates are something I'll probably never use, especially since I've never had netherite armor/tools anyways.

Mob Additions

Camels!!!!! Little guys (big guys). Big fan, I rarely use rideable mobs but I think they're fun. I just want a bunch of them. And now, drumroll please, Sniffers: THE CREATURE OF ALL TIME. Obsessed. They will be my whole personality. Six legs the better to hug you. They are like land manatees. Sneef Snoff.

Structure Additions

Cherry groves, 10/10 no notes, love that pink mobs and bees can spawn there. Trail ruins are extremely very cool, I've wanted to excavate a stronghold in survival for a while, but haven't had a chance and I think trail ruins will be really really fun to excavate.


Ambient note block mob heads is very fun. I haven't really ever gotten mob heads in survival but it could be super fun for creative builds I make. Editing signs is suuuuuper nice especially when making storage rooms. Armor trims are neat but again not something I'm going to use ever really.

So What do you think? Send me an email with your thoughts about the update!