How to Commission me:

Email is best, however messaging me on twitter is probably the fastest way to get a response. I rarely check my messages on other sites.
Please include as much detail as you can up front, including ref images and what kind of commission you're looking for, and if you have a pose and outfit and other necessary information in mind. For reference sheet commissions, I understand you may not have an existing ref. I can work from text description, please be as detailed as possible. It's totally okay to show me other images from different artists or real life if it helps. I'm happy to do a few small revisions on most commissions, but ref sheets I like to go back and forth a lot to make sure it's exactly how you want it, for that I ask we work over email.

All invoices will come from badgerdicroce@gmail.com / Badger Ciar Illustration on PayPal and no one else.

Terms of Service

  • No NSFW works unless agreed upon prior. Artistic PG-13 Nudity okay.
  • I will not draw children on commission or pregnant characters. This is a personal boundary.
  • I will not draw "nonsexual fetish" art, such as feet fetish art or implied kink art. Please do not try to trick me into drawing these things.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request for any reason at any point and will make an effort to refund or otherwise compensate for any unfinished work as needed.
  • I enjoy drawing trans characters, disabled characters, fat characters, and other characters some artists consider "too hard" to draw.
  • Any commissioned art can be used for personal use by the client freely.
  • Clients can inquire about commercial use.
  • My art, regardless of purchased purpose, can NEVER be used for training AI, NFTs or other blockchain/crypto based endeavors. Do not attempt to skirt this term.
  • Do not use my art, personal or commissioned, to promote hate speech against protected categories.
  • I retain the ability to use all commissioned work in my portfolio/on my personal pages. If you would like me to delay posting publicly, such as to allow you time to gift art to a recipient, I can do that.
  • I work a full-time day job and can gaurenteed no hard deadlines though I will try my best to be timely. If you must have a hard deadline, discuss it with me and depending on timeframe for an extra fee I can meet the deadline.

Adoptables TOS

  • Once purchased you will recieve an unwatermarked, full resolution image of the character. If you need any small edits now is the time to request them.
  • You can do whatever you want with this image, repost it, etc. I ask that you credit me on the design if reposted, and credit the base artist if it's not me.
  • You do not need to credit me on subsequent art of the character, though if you get/make a ref sheet I would appreciate it (again, not mandatory).
  • My toyhou.se account is called 'MoveImBadger' if you would like to credit me as the original designer on there.
  • Do not use the characters to promote hate speech or engage in stereotype in a way that is generally considered harmful (i.e; vague 'native' characters, horror asylum characters, etc.). If I see this anywhere, I will just blacklist you.
  • Feel free to resell for any amount, I never make much off adoptables anyways and usually adding art adds value enough. I don't have time or energy to police how much people resell stuff for. Just use your judgement on it.
  • Feel free to @ me or show me art you get/make with the designs! It's always fun to see :)
  • Currently no one has violated these terms and I hope it stays that way.