How To Commission Me:

1. Be familiar with my TOS.
2. Email me with your pitch so we can get to work!

Commission Prices

Here's a quick ref of my price list. Below it is examples of what each piece would be. These prices are up to date as of 2023-04-21. They are also subject to change and are approximate quotes. Things like extra props, backgrounds, and deadlines can incur extra costs. Prices are per character or other large scenic element (robots, animals, etc.)

  • Ko-Fi Artist Choice sketches: $6-$9 Busts, $12+ sketches
  • Simple icons: $15, but bulk rates can be as low as $4 each, inquire within
  • Icons/Avatars: $45 color, $30 lines only
  • Waist-up/Bust Portraits: $55, $40 lines only
  • Chibi: $35, $25 lines only
  • Fullbody: $75 lineless, $70 Lined+color, $50 Lines only
  • Sketchpage: $50+ PWYW
  • Ref sheets: Priced per component, items are $5 each
  • All other commissions (traditional media, custom furbies, stickers, etc) inquire within.
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    Ko-Fi sketches

    Simple Icons




    Full Body


    Ref Sheet