March 2nd, 2024 Blog Post


State of the Badger

Okay lets pretend I havent blogged in a year ok. Here's what I've been up to:


I just turned 27, and in fact am celebrating my birthday tonight! I've been craving fried ice cream and a local mexican restaurant has that AND prickly pear margaritas, so I know where I'll be! I've been working on my paraeducation certifications, taking it slow since each batch of certifications are due every July, and I've only got a few more hours to go. I've been getting involved with my union, I'm thinking about applying to be on the diversity and equity committee, or maybe the PAC chair. Otherwise, I've just been going through it. Living life, not really tackling anything big. My spring break plans fell through, so I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe I'll come down to Portland (any PDX friends hmu).

What I've been watching/playing/reading

I've been consumed by Hypnospace Outlaw and have been super inspired by it. I'm entranced by its aesthetic but also how it just feels a little to the left, yanno? I love the piecing together a story through time and pages, like we rarely get to see actual conversations between characters except for the like, what, one forum page? Everything is done through sites like this. I'd love to make a HPS page and there's an html converter so maybe I'll put it up on here when I do so you can check it out! Just uh, don't do it while you're sleeping. I've also been cranking through Grey's Anatomy as a rewatch, although I originally stopped watching around season like, 12? I'm on 17 now. I'm finding the episodes I enjoy most are the ones where they deviate from the general style of the show. There's one episode dubbed "Japril the movie" that works flawlessly as a one-act play that shows the story of two character's divorce in reverse through vignettes. The episode I'm on now is a fever dream fueled by a character's PTSD that has shifting and nonsensical scenes in it. These are definitely not standard for the show and it's what makes them even more enjoyable I think. I tire of shows where every episode feels like an A24 movie, yanno? I'm also starting to try and read House of Leaves again. It's been a few attempts, but I think it's the format. I can't make it use a dyslexia font or bigger text or reverse contrast because it's a paper book, and I don't think the format works as a PDF or EPUB or whatever. I will do it thought! I'm just really into ergodic storytelling. Have any recommendations for me? Also I just finished Dungeon Meshi (the manga). I am a bit of a pedant that calls it that because the English name "Delicious in Dungeon" for some reason just grammatically upsets me to say. It feels weird in my mouth but Dunmesh is a good word.

My works

I've finished writing Casting Beyond the Moon, my comic. I've also finished sketching pages for chapter one and part of chapter two already. I really want to spend more time on it. I haven't decided how I'm going to release it. It's a little over 200 pages I think, so I'd like to probably release it as a webcomic. Maybe a webcomic with chapter-PDF releases on like, or something. It's going well though! I'm trying to make monthly phone wallpapers to put on my ko-fi subscription feed. I was using another artists monthly wallpapers but I wanted to start making my own and figured I could distribute them for free for others. I also have been doing the occasional sculpting and painting job, but I haven't worked on them in a while. Maybe after school I'll replace napping with crafts time.

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